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  drinking glasses

In the course of the years we have focused our production of drinking glasses on the production of shot glasses – this range we have, however, expanded. The reason for this specialization was the fact that especially glasses with a smaller volume can be produced by lamp glass technology with a finer and gracile result compared to the ordinary Ofenglasverfahren. By lamp glass technique we mean creating forms freely without any moulds into which the glass is blown. The form is achieved by blowing, drawing and pressing in an oxygen flame at a temperature of 2,000 ° C.  The Borosilikatglas = Hartglas used by us is considerably more resilient as concerns mechanical, chemical and thermal aspects compared to the usual Ofen-Weichglas. There is, for example, no Glaskorrosion with Hartglas.


The sole disadvantages of this technique are higher costs for material and energy, as well as a more time-consuming reproduction of the glasses. Within 1 hour a maximum of 6 simple shot glasses may be produced. Each and every shot glass is unique.


Numerous private collectors as well as exclusive distilleries appreciate the filigree works of art. We are especially proud of our long-standing co-operation with the Distillery Rochelt which we have built up for over 20 years. More than 4,000 shot glasses are produced every year in our workshops in Mariastein and at the Schneiderhof/Angerberg.