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TAPTUBE - the first beer tapping system made of glass


It's finally done - after 2 years of reconstruction we can carry out our old ‘Schneiderhof’ a perfect utilization concept. Since October 2015, the company ‘Wahre Lebenswerte’ presents 500m² living and storage space future-oriented and sustainable products. For the 5-hectare outdoor area is a permaculture farming concept in planning. In the appendix of photos of the elaborate renovation work with the very satisfactory final result - thanks to the many helping hands!!!

Our farmer house utilization is complemented by the flameworkshop of Patrik Winkler, who developed and perfected in close cooperation with Weinmayer on 150m² new product niches and techniques in the field of lamp glass. Patrik Winkler comes from the immediate neighborhood and is a visiting guest already since kindergarten age. Meanwhile Patrik is one of the most talented glassblower in Austria. He has perfected his ‘pixel art’ to an incredible precision.

There is another new partnership with our friend Gerhard Hochmuth. The professional lighting designer and a trained glassblower Gerhard developed in collaboration with Bernd the ‘Pangea Lamps’, which can be offered as exclusive small series now.