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The company ROOR is the Mercedes of water pipes and smoking equipment producers (High Times magazine, April 2012). Martin Birzle founded ROOR 20 years ago in Frankenthal, Germany, and it now operates worldwide. Weinmayer and Birzle met coincidentally in 2011 and they immediately recognised the potential for co-operation. The foundation of this still young but already very successful partnership is mutual respect and a shared enthusiasm for neon and glass technologies, as well as the unrestricted creative development. On this basis, the limited small series ‘Ray gun’ #1 to #4 and the unique items ‘Ray machine’ and ‘Ray hammer’ were created. Further interesting prestige pieces are being developed.


The particular challenge of water pipes lies in their complexity, which in America is also known as ‘functional art’. In this case, ‘functional’ has two meanings – water-cooled smoke circulation and rare-gas-filled light circulation – both packaged in a themed glass form which is perceived as a single organic unit despite its countless individual elements. Each rare gas prefers different glass shapes to achieve a full display. Therefore the nature of the filling and with it the light colour and different effects will only be determined after the glass body has been produced. For example, neon prefers sharp edges and small gaps in large spaces, in order to generate a three-dimensional, two-coloured depth. The sharp-edged xenon light filaments, on the other hand, prefer a spiral form, so that their mesmerising, hectic light displays can combine and calm down – the perfect filling for the ‘Ray hammer’.